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about the products


The secret of our drums’ sound is the unique segmental procedure. You can customize the size of the body, the thickness of the wall of the drums and we are highly flexible with every kind of customization.

As a result, we can fine tune our snares to your ears’ content from a shorter and louder sound with a thicker wall, to a more melodic, sensitive sound with a thinner wall.

The bodies are equipped with high quality brass lugs and our own Angel Throw Off brass snare strainer.

Drum kits

Even with our custom-designed segmented drum bodies, shell sets, we can achieve an incomparable sound.

The combination of our carefully selected wooden material, our own brass lugs, the Angel Hoops™ and the Angel Hybrid Bass Drum Hoops give the drum bodies a never-to-be-forgotten look and sound with easy tunability.

Angel Hoops

We make our snare and tom hoops from stainless steel, coal steel and aluminum with our own patented hand bent and welded procedure.

The hoops come in all different colors and sizes.

We guarantee that our Angel Hoops will soup-up any drum set with a better and more balanced sound and way easier tunability. Oh and by the way, they look great too! 


Our drums are music to your ears and appealing to the eye! Not only do our drums sound great, but they also look the part with unique and distinguishing design.

Ten years ago, we developed a special varnishing technology, this is what gives our drums a unique satin or high-gloss finish. This six-step procedure which includes a several day drying treatment also makes our instruments highly durable.

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