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Angel hoops

Why Angel Hoops

Upgrading to Angel Hoops will give you the most well-rounded and complete sound from your drum, whether it is an entry-level or high-end custom snare drum or tom.

Improve your drums’ focus, projection, clarity, tuning range, and much more, with our patented drum hoops available in all sizes from
8″ to 18″. You could say, we’ve done it, we’ve reinvented the wheel!

You can make your own hoops

$ 99$ 164

Angel Hoops Benefits

1. Pressure more evenly spread on the drumhead, and therefore the drum
2. Easier to tune
3. Stays in tune for longer
4. Reduced unwanted overtones
5. Precision made
6. Unique look
7. Available in several colors to customize the look of your drums

In stock

Exact strips are precision cut to length, then hand rolled, hand welded, and nally hand cleaned.
The precision-welded ears help hold the drumhead from the side. As a result, the pressure on the head’s ring is better distributed, which results in even better resonance and tunability.
The top side of the hoop is rounded by hand for a more comfortable playing feeling and reduced impact on your stick when playing rimshots and cross-stick.

To manufacture Angel Hoops we begin with massive rolls of A304 stainless steel. Exact strips are cut to length, down to a fraction of an mm, then hand rolled, hand welded, and nally hand cleaned and polished to perfection! A monumental amount of work goes into
making these but the gains in sound, feel, and durability is worth it!

The images on our website are illustrations, the products may differ in reality.

look at the completed angel hoops

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