You can make your own hoops - Angel Drums

You can make your own hoops

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Angel Hoops Benefits

1. Pressure more evenly spread on the drumhead, and therefore the drum
2. Easier to tune
3. Stays in tune for longer
4. Reduced unwanted overtones
5. Precision made
6. Unique look
7. Available in several colors to customize the look of your drums

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The images on our website are illustrations, the products may differ in reality.
The hardvers shown in the pictures of the drum equipment – snare stand, cymbal stand, tom mounting systems – are not part of the products, they are not included in the purchase price.



1, 2


for snares, for toms


Antique Gold, Black, Stainless Steel, Galaxy Gray, Galaxy White, Magenta, Metalic Blue, Metalic Green, Metalic Red, Violet Sparkle

Size and number of ears

8" 6 ears, 10" 6 ears, 12" 6 ears, 13" 6 ears, 13" 8 ears, 13" 10 ears, 14" 6 ears, 14" 8 ears, 14" 10 ears, 15" 8 ears, 15" 10 ears, 16" 8 ears, 18" 8 ears

about the products

The secret of our drums’ sound is the unique segmental procedure.


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